Stats and Sports…

Thanks to @douglasreid for inspiring me to share articles & research.  I love getting Doug’s weekly emails on all the goodies he’s come across on the topic of Strategy, so here’s my version.  Hope you find it valuable to your business.

1.   Thanks to Stuart Ash, for passing this one along: “Hitting the Mark” by Kristin Laird of Marketing Magazine.  Laird reports some interesting stats from Home Depot, Speedy Corporation, and others that I think are useful benchmarks.  Lots of ideas to chew on for marketing to women, some more complicated than others (I prefer the simple ideas like Home Depot’s workshops). Hitting the Mark, Marketing Magazine

2.    44% of the NFL’s fan base is women. The NFL is now kicking off a 10M campaign to market to women.  I agree with their move away from simply making clothing “smaller and pinker”, but I’m not so sure that creating team colour nail polish is the best use of their product development budget.  I could be wrong, let’s see.    What do you think? NFL Marketing to Women

3.    AndNBCU’s results of how 25 key brands are rated by women

Have a great week!



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