“Our longing is the way…” – Rumi

I’ve been talking to my clients about their true passions, their longings for how the world should be, their convictions and their beliefs.  Why? Because I know that your passions, beliefs and longings ultimately form the foundation of how you are different, and these differences manifest as benefits to your clients.

I always share Rumi’s quote with my clients: “Our longing is the way”.  Meaning…follow your longing.  Even if you think it has nothing to do with your j.o.b.

There is a nugget of gold there.

Here’s an inspiring example – the story of ten-year-old Maria Aragon from Winnipeg who ‘followed her longing’…. and made an impact on audiences, and a major emotional impact on a superstar.

How did Maria do it?  I think there are three steps…..

Step 1: Follow, and be proud of, your passion:

Step 2: Accept praise openly, even (especially) when it comes from superstars

Step 3: Remember all that time you spent practicing your passion (ie: following your longing)? Well, turns out it creates a pretty great path…


6 Responses to “Our longing is the way…” – Rumi

  1. holy wow!! I am bawling my eyes out with joy over here. Thank you, Cristi, for being a beacon for goodness. I’m so moved. YES, let’s walk, talk and dance our passions without apology or regret. It Is On!

    • Cristi Cooke says:

      Well now we’re even Dyana, ’cause your blog posts usually make me bawl with joy too! 🙂 Pass this one on if you like, because I think it’s such an inspiring story, and gives a great example for all of us. xo

  2. Lynn Brown says:

    What a journey that little girl has taken and probably still on. What an inspiration to always ‘follow your longing”.

    Thank you so much Cristi for sharing your post and these videos. It made my day, my week my future!

  3. What a great post Cristi! So inspiring – just shared it on facebook and twitter!

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