Cristi Cooke

Practical, results-focused, engaging and entertaining, I’m the founder of Majority Marketing and an expert on selling and marketing to women.

I reframe gender into a massive business opportunity by introducing a proprietary model to explain how women consumers’ core behaviours differ from their male counterparts, and how this translates into specific elements that every marketing or sales strategy must incorporate to be truly effective in the women’s market.

My seventeen year career in marketing and sales began with studying consumer behaviour in the wireless industry, where I led innovative approaches to market research and segmentation for Telus Mobility to help make it one of the fastest growth wireless companies in Canada.  My reputation followed me interationally, where I developed marketing strategies for some of Brazil’s largest telecom operators.  Over the last six years, I have dedicated my expertise solely to the area of the women’s market, working with many of Canada’s national financial institutions, national law firms, and European banks.


2 Responses to About

  1. Kathy Porter says:

    Hi Cristi – found you on FB and will go back and introduce myself to you there. Like your niche market and look forward to reading your blog in more detail.



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