Alternative to golf tournaments and hockey tickets

June 4, 2009

People often ask me about client appreciation events that appeal to women. I find that people are looking for alternatives to golf tournaments, hockey tickets, and wine and cheese events. To attract women, I always suggest to look for events that meet the following four criteria: (1) entertaining (2) educational (3) empowering, and (4) connect the prospect/client with people who add value to her life.

Here’s a great example that just landed in my inbox. It’s a motivational evening with a speaker who is the second woman to scale Everest. In addition to meeting all four criteria, it’s not super expensive, some of the proceeds go to St. Joe’s Women’s Centre, and it’s a lot shorter than a 4-hour golf tournament (for time-pressured women, this means something). Last, but not least, it’s not exclusive to women – this is a great motivational speaker who would appeal to men too.

Now You: If you are in Ottawa, consider taking advantage of this event. If you’re not in Ottawa, let this example inspire you to look for events that are 1) entertaining, 2) educational, 3) empowering, and 4) connect women with other people who can add value to her life.

Do you have more ideas about great events to attract women clients and prospects? If so, I’d love to hear them!