Are you a drop of water, or part of the ocean?

June 18, 2009

When I started meditating, I couldn’t grasp the concept of “all human beings are one” (hey, I was in business school at the time – my focus was on distinguishing myself from others) until it was explained in a manner I finally understood, which is something like this: each person is a unique drop of water, and humanity is an ocean. Like a drop of water in the ocean, we don’t know where one drop of water ends and the other begins. That is the nature of our human connectedness. 10 years later, I see how this concept applies to business. Actions by unknown people, in unrelated industries, directly impact us and our own businesses.

You may not have heard of Forte Foundation, but their actions will impact your business. Forte Foundation is a consortium of major corporations and top business schools, with a mandate to “substantially increase the number of women business leaders”. Companies like American Express, Deloitte, McKinsey, and the biggest names in business schools like Harvard, Columbia, Insead, and Yale are the forces behind this foundation. I suspect they have set serious goals, and will meet them.

Let’s connect the drops of water in your ocean…. the most prestigious universities & corporations in the world are driving forces behind initiatives to increase number of women MBA graduates…..resulting in more women MBA graduates….resulting in more women in executive roles….resulting in more women making serious decisions about who their company will buy from…resulting in you, pitching more women buyers. The ripple effect is that your ability to understand “what women want” as business leaders (whether you are selling to them, marketing to them, or recruiting them), will directly impact your business success.

Now YOU – Do you see your business as a drop of water, or part of the ocean? Have you connected the “drops” to see how Forte’s work will impact your business? Take the first step in learning what women want, so you can go for a swim in this ocean of opportunity.